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Building Utility Operation & Maintenance 

Bhuplan helps customers stay competitive and efficient as they reach peak operational performance through optimized services and unmatched expertise. 

Our mission is to be the preferred service provider of building utility operation, maintenance, and specialty services by delivering superior safety performance, innovative processes and unsurpassed value to our clients.

MEP Project Execution 

This devision of Bhuplan undertakes project execution of buildings' mechanical, Electrical and plumbing services in close coordination with consultants and developer.

Under MEP, We cover complete SITC of following elements:

Mechanical: HVAC (Chiller, pumps, Cooling Towers, Pipelines, AHU, FCU, Ducting), Hydropneumatic Pumping System, Diesel generators, DG stack, Fire Fighting System, Steam Generators, Boilers, Heat Exchangers.

Electrical: HT/LT Panels, LT Distribution System, Transformers, Rising Main, Distribution Boards, Lightening Arresters, Earthing, Lighting.

Plumbing: Water Treatment Plant, Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plant, RO, Distribution piping of Domestic Water and Flush Water, Solar Water Heating System, Drains. 

Civil Project Execution

Our unwavering commitment to our clients, our skill at work and our impeccable execution of each project are the key to our success. We work hand in hand with the best “players” in the construction and industrial sector  to make the most ambitious projects come true. From Concept to completion, we work by your side to ensure every project is a success.

Let us push your ideas beyond the limits and make your architectural dreams come true!

Technical Due Diligence

Are you a developer with a stock of existing buildings? A detailed TDD report will identify areas of strength and weaknesses in the buildings after which, action can be taken to rectify and remedy the issues before they develop into serious problems..In Technical Due Diligence, We analyse the technical aspects of a development. It typically happens before fundraising rounds, mergers and acquisitions. These complex transactions necessitate a stringent due diligence investigation. 

Our team of experts specialising in TDD analysis of buildings has done in-depth analysis of over 15 million square feet of space for leading Indian and MNC.

Operational Audits

We analyse the processes, procedures and systems used within the company and examines its technical operation and management practices. An operational audit aims to find areas in need of improvement to make the organization's operations more efficient, productive and effective. We have team of professionals for carrying out Technical audit of building utilities, Fire & Safety Audit, Energy Audit, Building Security Audit, Labour compliance audit, Thermography, EHS Audit and Power Quality Analysis.

Building Transition

Bhuplan supports its clients to make transition plans and manage the complete transition acitivities. The transition can take place between two developers, Owner association and developer, Project team and operation team. Bhuplan deploys dedicated & professional team to ensure seamless transition / Handover-Takeover of Building asset with set of standard defined procedures, checklist and exhaustive report.   

Common Area Maintenance

Bhuplan offers consultancy on common area maintenance expenses, including options, calculations, and other important elements. 

If you are a landlord that manages any property with a common area, you are going to want to learn all about common area maintenance (CAM). Under this service, we will support you to know about common area maintenance, including the operating expenses, the maintenance costs, and much more.

Testing & Commissioning of Building Equipment 

Testing and Commissioning (T&C) is a diligent process of planning and performing all necessary quality controls that encompass the complex infrastructures of buildings  with their multiple and complex interfaces and interdependencies.

Bhuplan performs Testing and Commissioning as a Commissioning Agent (CxA), usually a Third Party besides tenant and landlord or EPC and landlord. Our T&C activities cover project phases from design and construction until “Ready for Service”.